How we paint

When an order is received, we can guarantee that it is painted by the artist who is best qualified to recreate it so that it captures the spirit and integrity of the original work of art.We believe we have some of the most talented reproduction artists in our Studio. They are highly educated and experienced artists who have spent many years studying the techniques and palette of the artists' work they recreate.

We guarantee that every piece of our oil paintings is 100% hand-painted.

All our painting reproductions are done in the traditional way the real artist would paint.

Our artists don't use any type of computer, projector device or printer.

The oil painting reproductions are usually completed within 2 or 3 weeks, subject to size and drying time.

At every stage of the oil painting, it is checked thoroughly by two separate members of our team. For the final step, a highly accomplished senior artist will be called in to offer a professional opinion and render the final approval.

In general, there are 3 main steps to finish an oil painting:

Step 1: Each oil painting starts life as a bare canvas, which is then stretched over the frame and applied with a gesso primer.The painting is then sketched out by the artist and he then prepares his palette to start work.

Step 2: The artist will outline the painting with the main parts of color. Then the oil painting is meticulously recreated, brushstroke for brushstroke.Our artists only use premium grade canvas and top quality Pe’beo oils, as preferred by most professional artists.

Step 3: Oil painting will be painted in more detail for reflexing the spirit of the museum quality of original oil painting.