How to choose product

1/ How can I search for oil paintings on your website?

To find your favorite oil paintings quickly, you can search by Artist, Art styles, Top Artists, Hot Paintings on menu bar

2/ Will the oil painting I order look like the picture on your website?

The oil painting reproduction itself will look exactly like the picture, but there might slightly be a colours distortion on the pictures as the settings on each computer screen is different. Besides that, for the sizes that needed to be ordered, there is a possibility that the reproduction would have a little variations comparing with the pictures as all of our paintings are hand-painted.

3/ Are your oil paintings hand-painted?

Yes. Our paintings are actual 100% hand-painted oil on canvas. You can see, touch and feel the actual brush strokes on each and every one of our painting.

4/ What is the difference between a hand-painted oil painting and a print?

Prints, or digital or ink jet prints are actually machine or computer generated that made to look like an oil painting. What we offer is genuine hand-painted oil painting on canvas by an artist who painted one brushstroke at a time, the same way like the masters have painted for centuries.

5/ What about copyright?

All the paintings on our site are either in the public domain (no longer protected by copyright) or being sold under license, meaning you need not worry about infringing on copyright.

6/ Could you paint a painting that I can not find it on your website?

Yes, we offer you the ability to acquire a custom hand-painted oil painting that you will be able to cherish for years to come. If there is something you are looking for that you are unable to find on our website, or if there is an oil painting that you see on our website, but want to have painted in either a custom size or with a custom change, let us know. Simply fill out the form on the menu bar at Custom Orders or Quick Quote, which will include free shipping and handling for the custom hand-painted oil painting of your choice.

7/ Could you paint on my T shirts or table cloth or any other gifts?

Yes, you are welcome. You should describe clearly on the menu bar at Custom Orders or Quick Quote. We’re honour to serve all your needs.

8/ What sizes do your paintings come in?

All our paintings are custom-made so you can order us your painting in any dimensions that you wish. In general, canvas sizes have ranged from 10” x 13” / 26cm x 33cm up to 72” x 108” / 183cm x 275cm, or 60” x 120” / 153cm x 305cm or 80” x 80” / 204cm x 204cm.

9/ Can I have the orientation of a painting changed to meet my space requirements?

Yes, you can. To meet your space requirements, our highly skilled artists can paint an oil painting that is regularly in a vertical orientation in a horizontal orientation, and vice versa. The artists are quite gifted at being able to make this type of change and still keep the painting beautiful by either adding or reducing some of the background of the painting to obtain the best outcome. There are many possibilities.

10/ Does Art Reproduction have a value?

This is an interesting question. Artists have been painting fine art replicas of paintings for centuries. Art reproduction was extremely popular during the Victorian era and further back that immediately springs to mind is Pieter Brueghel's oldest son (Pieter Brueghel the Younger 1564 -1636) painted art reproductions of his father's work. His art replica of his father's painting 'Flemish Proverbs' just sold recently at Christie's London for £1,721,250. However, I think the most important value of art reproduction is to bring you into the world of creative inspiration.

11/ Who buys Reproduction Art?

A lot of people. We provide high quality fine art reproductions to a wide variety of people who wish to enjoy classic art at a reasonable price and people who are looking for a unique and affordable gift to give their loved ones. We've delivered oil paintings reproduction art to the USA, Australia, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Norway, and Japan. They are homeowners, galleries, builders, architectures, Interior Designers, Company, Hotel and Resort, and so on ….

12/ Do you sell and provide frames with the paintings?

We do not sell frames with the painting. There are reasons for this.

  • Frames are very personal and we leave the decision to you.
  • Every home has its own design and architectural characteristic, therefore it is usually best that our customers choose and decide the frame to match their decoration.