Jean-simeon Chardin

(1699 - 1779) Biography

A Bowl of Plums

A Vase of Flowers

Bambina che gioca col volano o La bambina col volano

Bodeg n con almirez

Bodeg n con gato y pescado

Bodeg n con gato y raya

Der Wasserbeh lter

Jar of Apricots

Nature morte au coffret [Copy after Chardin painting]


Soap Bubbles

Still Life with a Hare

Still Life with Fish

Still Life with Game

Still Life with Leg of Lamb

Still Life with Partridge and Pear

Still Life with Peaches

The Attributes of the Arts and the Rewards Which Are Accorded Them

The Good Education

The Kitchen Maid

The surgeon

Un canard col

Vegetables for the Soup


Woman Drawing Water at the Cistern

Young Student Drawing

Jean-simeon Chardin