Claude Monet

(1840 - 1926) Biography

The Lemon Grove in Bordighera

The Luncheon

The Magpie

The Manneporte

The Parc Monceau

The Path through the Irises

The Port Coton Pyramids

The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light

The Railroad bridge in Argenteuil

The Road to V theuil

The Rue Montorgueil in Paris. Celebration of June 30

The Saint

The Sea at Le Havre

The Seine at Port

The Seine at V theuil

The Stroller

The Valley of the Nervia

The Water Lily Pond

The Windmill

The Young Ladies of Giverny

Three fishing boats

Torrent creuse

Train in the Countryside

Train Tracks at the Saint



Tulip field

Tulip fields at Sassenheim

Tulip Fields With The Rijnsburg Windmill 1886


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Claude Monet