Antoine Watteau

(1684 - 1721) Biography


Cupid Disarmed

Diana Bathing

Embarking to Cythera

Entertainment countryside

Entertainment in the Open Air

Evening Landscape with Spinner

Fete Champetre

Fêtes Venitiennes

French Players

Gathering by the Fountain of Neptune

Gathering in a Park


Halt During the Hunt

Happy Age! Golden Age

In the Costume of Mezzetin

La Boudeuse (The Capricious Girl)

Landscape with Goat

Le donneur de sérénades (Mezetin)

Les Plaisirs du Bal

Meeting in the Open Air


Nymph and Satyr, or Jupiter and Antiope

Party of Four


Pierrot (Gilles)

Pilgrimage to Cythera

Pleasures of Love

Respite from War

Rest on the Flight into Egypt

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Antoine Watteau