Paul Gauguin

(1848 - 1903) Biography

(style of

1891 Landscape

1891 The little valley

1892 Fatata Te Moua

1892 Paysage aux trois arbres


A Farm in Brittany

Aha oe feii

Among the mangoes at Martinique

An Orchard under the Church of Bihorel

Ansteigender Weg in Osny


Arearea no varua ino

Arl siennes



Autoportrait au Christ jaune

Autorretrato con paleta

Bathing in Front of the Port of Pont


Black pigs

Blue trees

Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin

Bowl of Fruit and Tankard before a Window

Breton girl spinning

Breton Peasant Women

Breton Women in a Seaside Field

Brittany Landscape with cows

Cafe at Arles

Chemin tahitien

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Paul Gauguin